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Federal Crimes: Conspiracy

What Is Conspiracy?

A conspiracy occurs when two or more people enter an agreement to commit a crime, or accomplish any illegal action against governmental and civil institutions, entities, or individuals.  Because there is no limit on the number of individuals participating in a conspiracy, parties may join after the plot has been established, and will be treated as co-conspirators before the law.  Important characteristics of a conspiracy are as follows:

  • Repentance by one or more parties that does not affect the liability of the conspirators, although it may reduce their sentence.
  • Even if the purpose of a conspiracy is to accomplish a humanitarian end through illegal actions, it is still punishable by the law.
  • A conspiracy does not have to be planned in secret to be a punishable crime.
  • The conspirators may be guilty even if they are not aware of the identities of other parties involved in the conspiracy.
  • The criminal offense does not have to be fully executed for a person to be charged with conspiracy.

Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney Defending Conspiracy Cases in Texas

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